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6 SET COCK RINGS -Cockring Penis tie (Penis enlarger) - for male enhancing cock rings are super stretchy and come in 3 sizes for shaft and balls. Prolong intimacy and improve stamina with a firmer penis that will satisfy all partners, cockring for couples.

  • INCREASE THE SIZE, STRAIGHT, AND YOUR ERECTIONS - These Ring Pleasure set designed to help reduce and control premature ejaculation
  •  PLEASURE UNLIMITED - Jump into the ocean of love, surprise your partner with your cock's remarkable firmness, and let her have deep and satisfactory orgasm while reigniting the fire of love such that she desires it every night.
  • ENHANCES SEXUAL PLEASURE FOR BOTH PARTNERS - Restricts blood flow to the penis instantly increasing length and girth, c rings for sex with stimulator.

6 set Cockring

  • No Return or Exchange!

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